Who We Are:

Unity Joy of Life is a worldwide spiritual community dedicated to teaching the Universal Laws of Life, Truth and Goodness through Positive, Practical Christianity.

We are a philosophy, a belief, and a teaching.

Our Vision:

Unity Joy of Life Ministry is a successful spiritual community, teaching people the Universal Laws of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Success, Perfect Self Expression and a sense of Well-Being in every area of life.

Our Mission:

Unity Joy of Life Ministry teaches Universal Spiritual Truth Principles that inspire, empower and enrich through on-line classes, prayer support, Unlimited Bounty Coffees, and Weekly Wisdom videos and audio.


Reverend Nancy Norman

Nancy Norman is an ordained Unity minister, She has served two churches in California, and for the past 25 years was the senior minister/CEO of Unity Church of Delray Beach, located in in Delray Beach, Fl.